Wolborz - city in central Poland, located in the Lodz region, in the Piotrkow Trybunalski district, in the community Wolborz. The town is a registered office of the community Wolborz. Until 1953 the town was a registered office of the community Boguslawice In the years 1273-1795 city of Wlocławek bishops.

According to data from 30 June 2014 Wolbórz 2375 Wolborz a population of 2,375 inhabitants.

Name Wolborz turned up to be here to stay at the interwar period the 20th century, earlier the town was being called Woybor, Voibor, Woibor, Wojbor, Olborz, and in the 16th century Woyborz names and Wolborz appeared.

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